Hi pie! Ana, 18, Portugal.

If I prefer the dreams to reality? I prefer to say that the dream gives me what the reality can’t give.

Welcome, son :)

Blinking Domo
Three o’clock in the morning. The soft April night is looking at my windows and caressingly winking at me with its stars. I can’t sleep, I am so happy. Anton Chekhov (via observando)


Amélie (2001)

j’adore ce film
  • someone: we finish each other's s-
There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 AM with its empty streets and cold wind. (via equily)

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i dunno, i just have this feeling that i’m doomed to fail at life.

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i’m still pissed off about growing up

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Think of how many people have sat next to you on a bus, train, whatever…


Now think how many people have sat next to you on purpose with their fingers crossed in hope that you’ll talk to them. I’m sure somebody has. There’s plenty of times when somebody’s seen you and hoped that you spoke to them, but you never did because you don’t have the guts and neither do they…

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